Meet Hayden

Born and raised in Barrie, Ontario, Hayden graduated from Eastview Secondary School in 2012. He went to the University of Ottawa, where he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics with a Minor in Gerontology. Since graduating from university in 2016, Hayden has worked in local health care, specifically in geriatrics. Hayden has a passion for encouraging seniors to engage with their community. Being active in numerous sports and social clubs, Hayden has an appreciation of and dedication to community involvement.

Concerned about the Ford government's mishandling of the current crisis, and the corresponding consequences that students have faced, Hayden believes that Ontario’s youth will continue to suffer if changes are not made. Similarly, he believes that the health care of elderly citizens in Ontario has become significantly worse. These issues, combined with high inflation rates and the struggle of small businesses, are a losing formula for Ontario.

Hayden hopes that, by winning in the upcoming general election, he will be a voice for the region, facilitate ongoing discussion, and help find better solutions to the complex issues surrounding the future of Barrie - Springwater - Oro Medonte.

Authorized by the CFO of the Hayden Hughes Campaign.